Worldwide ant nuptial flights data

Brachymyrmex Sp

Brachymyrmex admotus
Brachymyrmex antennatus
Brachymyrmex aphidicola
Brachymyrmex attenuatus
Brachymyrmex australis
Brachymyrmex australis curtus
Brachymyrmex australis pullus
Brachymyrmex bahamensis
Brachymyrmex bicolor
Brachymyrmex bonariensis
Brachymyrmex brasiliensis
Brachymyrmex brevicornis
Brachymyrmex brevicornoeides
Brachymyrmex bruchi
Brachymyrmex cavernicola
Brachymyrmex coactus
Brachymyrmex coactus nictitans
Brachymyrmex coactus robustus
Brachymyrmex constrictus
Brachymyrmex constrictus bonariensis
Brachymyrmex cordemoyi
Brachymyrmex cordemoyi distinctus
Brachymyrmex degener
Brachymyrmex degener niger
Brachymyrmex delabiei
Brachymyrmex depilis
Brachymyrmex donisthorpei
Brachymyrmex feitosai
Brachymyrmex fiebrigi
Brachymyrmex fiebrigi fumidus
Brachymyrmex fiebrigi funicularis
Brachymyrmex flavidulus
Brachymyrmex gagates
Brachymyrmex gaucho
Brachymyrmex giardi
Brachymyrmex giardi cordobensis
Brachymyrmex goeldii
Brachymyrmex heeri
Brachymyrmex heeri basalis
Brachymyrmex incisus
Brachymyrmex iridescens
Brachymyrmex laevis
Brachymyrmex laevis andinus
Brachymyrmex laevis fusculus
Brachymyrmex longicornis
Brachymyrmex longicornis hemiops
Brachymyrmex longicornis immunis
Brachymyrmex longicornis pullus
Brachymyrmex luederwaldti
Brachymyrmex luederwaldti attenuatus
Brachymyrmex melensis
Brachymyrmex micromegas
Brachymyrmex minutus
Brachymyrmex modestus
Brachymyrmex musculus
Brachymyrmex myops
Brachymyrmex nebulosus
Brachymyrmex obscurior
Brachymyrmex oculatus
Brachymyrmex patagonicus
Brachymyrmex physogaster
Brachymyrmex pictus
Brachymyrmex pictus balboae
Brachymyrmex pilipes
Brachymyrmex santschii
Brachymyrmex sosai
Brachymyrmex termitophilus
Brachymyrmex tristis
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