Worldwide ant nuptial flights data

Dorymyrmex Sp

Dorymyrmex agallardoi
Dorymyrmex alboniger
Dorymyrmex amazonicus
Dorymyrmex antarcticus
Dorymyrmex antillanus
Dorymyrmex baeri
Dorymyrmex bicolor
Dorymyrmex biconis
Dorymyrmex bituber
Dorymyrmex bituber laticeps
Dorymyrmex bossutus
Dorymyrmex breviscapis
Dorymyrmex breviscapis alvarezi
Dorymyrmex breviscapis elongatulus
Dorymyrmex breviscapis speculiceps
Dorymyrmex bruchi
Dorymyrmex brunneus
Dorymyrmex bureni
Dorymyrmex carettei
Dorymyrmex caretteoides
Dorymyrmex chilensis
Dorymyrmex confusus
Dorymyrmex coniculus
Dorymyrmex ebeninus
Dorymyrmex elegans
Dorymyrmex emmaericaellus
Dorymyrmex ensifer
Dorymyrmex ensifer laevigatus
Dorymyrmex ensifer weiseri
Dorymyrmex exsanguis
Dorymyrmex exsanguis anaemicus
Dorymyrmex exsanguis carbonarius
Dorymyrmex exsanguis sordidus
Dorymyrmex flavescens
Dorymyrmex flavescens jactans
Dorymyrmex flavescens mandibularis
Dorymyrmex flavopectus
Dorymyrmex flavus
Dorymyrmex fusculus
Dorymyrmex goeldii
Dorymyrmex goeldii dubius
Dorymyrmex goeldii fumigatus
Dorymyrmex goetschi
Dorymyrmex grandulus
Dorymyrmex hunti
Dorymyrmex hypocritus
Dorymyrmex incomptus
Dorymyrmex insanus
Dorymyrmex jheringi
Dorymyrmex joergenseni
Dorymyrmex lipan
Dorymyrmex minutus
Dorymyrmex morenoi
Dorymyrmex morenoi patagon
Dorymyrmex paiute
Dorymyrmex pappodes
Dorymyrmex paranensis
Dorymyrmex planidens
Dorymyrmex pogonius
Dorymyrmex pulchellus
Dorymyrmex pyramicus
Dorymyrmex pyramicus albemarlensis
Dorymyrmex pyramicus alticonis
Dorymyrmex pyramicus garbei
Dorymyrmex pyramicus guyanensis
Dorymyrmex pyramicus mesonotalis
Dorymyrmex pyramicus nigriventris
Dorymyrmex pyramicus peruvianus
Dorymyrmex pyramicus rubriceps
Dorymyrmex reginicula
Dorymyrmex richteri
Dorymyrmex santschii
Dorymyrmex silvestrii
Dorymyrmex smithi
Dorymyrmex spurius
Dorymyrmex steigeri
Dorymyrmex steigeri platensis
Dorymyrmex tener
Dorymyrmex tener donisthorpei
Dorymyrmex thoracicus
Dorymyrmex thoracicus gracilis
Dorymyrmex thoracicus tigris
Dorymyrmex tuberosus
Dorymyrmex wheeleri
Dorymyrmex wolffhuegeli
Dorymyrmex xerophylus
About AntFlights.com

AntFlights.com is a public worldwide system for registration of ant mating flights. Our goal is to provide a tool that allows users around the world to register related data globally. Our target audience ranges from amateurs who like to raise ants in captivity to myrmecologists, professionals or researchers. This website is not for profit.

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