Worldwide ant nuptial flights data

Nylanderia Sp

Nylanderia acuminata
Nylanderia amblyops
Nylanderia amblyops rubescens
Nylanderia amia
Nylanderia anthracina
Nylanderia arenivaga
Nylanderia assimilis
Nylanderia austroccidua
Nylanderia bibadia
Nylanderia birmana
Nylanderia birmana hodgsoni
Nylanderia boltoni
Nylanderia bourbonica
Nylanderia bourbonica farquharensis
Nylanderia bourbonica ngasiyana
Nylanderia brasiliensis
Nylanderia braueri
Nylanderia braueri donisthorpei
Nylanderia brevisetula
Nylanderia bruesii
Nylanderia burgesi
Nylanderia caeciliae
Nylanderia caeciliae elevata
Nylanderia caerula
Nylanderia clandestina
Nylanderia colchica
Nylanderia comorensis
Nylanderia concinna
Nylanderia consuta
Nylanderia coveri
Nylanderia deceptrix
Nylanderia disatra
Nylanderia dispar
Nylanderia docilis
Nylanderia dodo
Nylanderia emmae
Nylanderia esperanza
Nylanderia faisonensis
Nylanderia flaviabdominis
Nylanderia flavipes
Nylanderia formosae
Nylanderia fulva
Nylanderia fulva biolleyi
Nylanderia fulva cubana
Nylanderia fulva fumatipennis
Nylanderia fulva incisa
Nylanderia fulva longiscapa
Nylanderia fulva nesiotis
Nylanderia fuscaspecula
Nylanderia glabrior
Nylanderia goeldii
Nylanderia gracilis
Nylanderia guanyin
Nylanderia guatemalensis
Nylanderia guatemalensis cocoensis
Nylanderia guatemalensis edenensis
Nylanderia guatemalensis itinerans
Nylanderia gulinensis
Nylanderia helleri
Nylanderia himalayana
Nylanderia hubrechti
Nylanderia humbloti
Nylanderia impolita
Nylanderia incallida
Nylanderia indica
Nylanderia integera
Nylanderia jaegerskioeldi
Nylanderia johannae
Nylanderia johannae dibullana
Nylanderia kraepelini
Nylanderia laevigata
Nylanderia lepida
Nylanderia lietzi
Nylanderia lucayana
Nylanderia luteafra
Nylanderia madagascarensis
Nylanderia madagascarensis ellisii
Nylanderia madagascarensis rufescens
Nylanderia madagascarensis sechellensis
Nylanderia magnella
Nylanderia manni
Nylanderia mendica
Nylanderia metacista
Nylanderia mexicana
Nylanderia microps
Nylanderia mixta
Nylanderia myops
Nylanderia natalensis
Nylanderia nodifera
Nylanderia nubatama
Nylanderia nuggeti
Nylanderia obscura
Nylanderia obscura bismarckensis
Nylanderia obscura celebensis
Nylanderia obscura minor
Nylanderia obscura papuana
Nylanderia ogasawarensis
Nylanderia opisopthalmia
Nylanderia otome
Nylanderia parvula
Nylanderia pearsei
Nylanderia perminuta
Nylanderia phantasma
Nylanderia picta
Nylanderia pieli
Nylanderia pini
Nylanderia pubens
Nylanderia querna
Nylanderia rosae
Nylanderia ryukyuensis
Nylanderia scintilla
Nylanderia semitincta
Nylanderia sharpii
Nylanderia sierra
Nylanderia sikorae
Nylanderia silvestrii
Nylanderia silvestrii kuenzleri
Nylanderia silvula
Nylanderia simpliciuscula
Nylanderia sindbadi
Nylanderia smythiesii
Nylanderia staudingeri
Nylanderia steeli
Nylanderia steinheili
Nylanderia steinheili minuta
Nylanderia stigmatica
Nylanderia tasmaniensis
Nylanderia taylori
Nylanderia taylori levis
Nylanderia teranishii
Nylanderia terricola
Nylanderia tjibodana
Nylanderia tococae
Nylanderia trageri
Nylanderia umbella
Nylanderia usambarica
Nylanderia vaga
Nylanderia vagabunda
Nylanderia vitiensis
Nylanderia vividula
Nylanderia vividula australis
Nylanderia waelbroecki
Nylanderia wardi
Nylanderia wojciki
Nylanderia xestonota
Nylanderia yaeyamensis
Nylanderia yambaru
Nylanderia yerburyi
Nylanderia zaminyops
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