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Worldwide ant nuptial flights data

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Last nuptial flights

Days old: 
<= 2
2 - 3
3 - 7
7 - 15
15 - 365
>= 365

Finca La Ladera y Picazos, 28240 Hoyo de Manzanares, Spain
Atm. state: Sunny | 24.00ºC - 75.20ºF | Humidity: Not set | Wind: Calm | Rain: No | Atm. pressure: Not set | Lunar cycle:  New Moon

Notes: Reinas desaladas repartidas en un gran área. Salida mirmecológica de Mirmecocursos( y la AIM, junto al Observatorio Ciudadano de la Biodiversidad de Hoyo).
Wingless queens in a big area. Mirmecological meeting.

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About is a public worldwide system for registration of ant mating flights. Our goal is to provide a tool that allows users around the world to register related data globally. Our target audience ranges from amateurs who like to raise ants in captivity to myrmecologists, professionals or researchers. This website is not for profit. is part of the network of useful websites of A.I.M. (Iberian Association of Mirmecology). More info on our website: