Worldwide ant nuptial flights data

Lasius Sp

Lasius alienoflavus
Lasius alienoniger
Lasius alienus
Lasius americanus
Lasius arizonicus
Lasius atopus
Lasius austriacus
Lasius balcanicus
Lasius balearicus
Lasius bicornis
Lasius bombycina
Lasius brevicornis
Lasius breviscapus
Lasius brunneus
Lasius buccatus
Lasius bureni
Lasius californicus
Lasius capitatus
Lasius carniolicus
Lasius casevitzi
Lasius cinereus
Lasius citrinus
Lasius claviger
Lasius colei
Lasius coloradensis
Lasius coloratus
Lasius creightoni
Lasius crinitus
Lasius crypticus
Lasius distinguendus
Lasius draco
Lasius elevatus
Lasius emarginatus
Lasius escamole
Lasius exulans
Lasius fallax
Lasius flavescens
Lasius flavoniger
Lasius flavus
Lasius fuji
Lasius fuliginosus
Lasius gebaueri
Lasius grandis
Lasius hayashi
Lasius hikosanus
Lasius himalayanus
Lasius hirsutus
Lasius humilis
Lasius illyricus
Lasius interjectus
Lasius japonicus
Lasius jensi
Lasius karpinisi
Lasius koreanus
Lasius lasioides
Lasius latipes
Lasius lawarai
Lasius longiceps
Lasius longicirrus
Lasius magnus
Lasius meridionalis
Lasius mexicanus
Lasius mikir
Lasius minimus
Lasius minutus
Lasius mixtoumbratus
Lasius mixtus
Lasius monticola
Lasius morisitai
Lasius murphyi
Lasius myops
Lasius myrmidon
Lasius nearcticus
Lasius neglectus
Lasius neoniger
Lasius nevadensis
Lasius niger
Lasius niger emeryi
Lasius niger pinetorum
Lasius nigrescens
Lasius nipponensis
Lasius nitidigaster
Lasius nitidus
Lasius obscuratus
Lasius occidentalis
Lasius orientalis
Lasius pallitarsis
Lasius pannonica
Lasius paralienus
Lasius piliferus
Lasius platythorax
Lasius plumopilosus
Lasius pogonogynus
Lasius productus
Lasius przewalskii
Lasius psammophilus
Lasius pubescens
Lasius rabaudi
Lasius reginae
Lasius rubiginosa
Lasius ruficornis
Lasius sabularum
Lasius sakagamii
Lasius schaeferi
Lasius schulzi
Lasius sitiens
Lasius sonobei
Lasius spathepus
Lasius speculiventris
Lasius subglaber
Lasius subumbratus
Lasius talpa
Lasius tapinomoides
Lasius tebessae
Lasius tibialis
Lasius transylvanica
Lasius turcicus
Lasius umbratus
Lasius uzbeki
Lasius vestitus
Lasius viehmeyeri
Lasius wittmeri
Lasius xerophilus
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AntFlights.com is a public worldwide system for registration of ant mating flights. Our goal is to provide a tool that allows users around the world to register related data globally. Our target audience ranges from amateurs who like to raise ants in captivity to myrmecologists, professionals or researchers. This website is not for profit.

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